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Recruitment: 3 reasons to take personality into account

  1. A CV, skills and personality
    A candidate can present great results on their CV but this is not a direct or exclusive reflection of themselves. Teamwork can sometimes place the team at the top, but what about the skills of each individual member? Better to the know the potential of the candidate on different levels. Furthermore, the “hobbies” section can sometimes give you an idea of the candidate’s personality. For example, if there was a team sport, theatre, etc. Neglecting this topic would be a mistake!
  2. A corporate culture, a personality
    Each company has its own identity, its own codes, its own culture. When a new employee arrives, it’s better to check whether they will easily fit into the team and the company’s values. For ELATOS, this step is essential. We therefore take the time to network with future colleagues N + 1, N-1 in order to assess compatibility. With the integration of new employees, we make a point to check in every six months to ensure the smooth running of this new collaboration.
  3. Motivation,  key factor
    An unmotivated employee is an employee who will leave the company, with many economic consequences ( recruitment costs to replace, training costs etc.) It is therefore in the interest of both parties to boost motivation. To match the profile of each employee and the expectation of each company, ELATOS now offers its candidates a second personality test to measure the compatibility of future candidates with their future company.