Getting it right from the start

You want to save time and reduce recruitment costs ? It is possible ! Nobody…

Successful integrations

A recruitment can be considered successful when both the candidate and the firm are still satisfied with their initial choice after a period of 12 months. A successful integration period is essential to reach this result.

ELATOS offers you a solution that gets it right. From the get go: a period of immersion in the company and an integration period for the candidate.

How do we help our clients ?

We begin by carrying out an exhaustive analysis of the job to make sure the company and the candidate have corresponding expectations : immersion.

We work with you to establish a job description which sets out clearly and precisely the exact nature of the missions to be undertaken. This is a particularly effective way of increasing the candidates’ interest and motivation and thus reducing the risk of a possible gap between their expectations and reality.

We provide an effective and complete follow up by advising and assisting you throughout the entire process until the final decision.

We keep in contact with the hired candidate and the company one month and three months after his or her integration..

How do we support the candidates

By means of immersion and an effective job description we give candidates a true picture of the job to limit the risk of disappointment or incompatibility.

Through close contact with the consultant at each interview and during the introduction to the company. This gives both parties an external perspective.

PBy adopting a constructive approach which includes giving the candidates feedback immediately after the first interview. If the interview is not conclusive, we invite them to stay in touch for future career opportunities.

Positive reinforcement of your image

We are aware that the quality of our work will reflect your company’s image and in this context we have adopted an approach centred on candidate satisfaction. This applies to candidates whether they are recruited or not. Because a non-recruited but satisfied candidate can always become a future partner !

By attaching importance to a successfully completed mission, candidates keep a positive image of our methods and, as a result,  of your company. That is why we treat our candidates as if we were in their place.

Elatos studycase – sept/oct 2013