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HOW TO SUCCEED 9 OUT 10 RECRUITMENTS   You have probably already seen this situation…

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The first stage of our agency’s recruitment process is the IMMERSION PHASE.

Prior to any mission, we carry out a thorough analysis of the content and context of the vacant position.

This analysis phase consists of interviews with some of the other members of the team such as :

  • Employee’s line manager (N+1)
  • 1 or 2 colleagues of the same grade
  • 1 or 2 colleagues reporting directly to the selected candidates

These 30 to 45 minute interviews with the future employee’s colleagues help us to understand in detail and from the “inside” how the company functions, as well as where its strengths and weaknesses lie. The other team members’ expectations about their new colleague are also highlighted. Thanks to this valuable discussion phase, the immersion approach enables us to define the recruitment context more accurately and to focus on what is involved in the post to be filled.

As a result we ensure that the candidate can satisfy your requirements and at the same time that the job meets his/her expectations.

What immersion brings you