Our tools

In this section, find our various tools to guarantee you a complete and personalized offer…

Personality test and interviews

We conduct assessments of candidates to effectively support our customers in their decision process.

The aim is to evaluate pre-selected candidates’ skills in professional and personal terms thereby matching the post to the profile to be filled and the candidates’ ambitions.

  • Know-how : skills, potential, training needs
  • Work ethic : attitude and temperament, management style, ambitions, strengths and potential

Thanks to this evaluation, ELATOS provides our HR specialist offer a clearer understanding of you recruitment process and final choice.

  • Taking referencesTo get a deeper insight of the personality of the candidates for the final selection, we contact the people they have cited as references.
  • Personality TestThis questionnaire measures the person’s behaviour and their motivations; what drives them.
  • Skills test This questionnaire measures whether the candidate’s skills
    are in line with the position.
  • Spelling test With the “Projet Voltaire“With the “Projet Voltaire” spelling test, candidates can discover their level of French and identify target areas for improvement.