Brottes Law

Validation for wind energy and disappearance

The Constitutional Council returned its opinion on the Brottes law, which focus on the energy bonus-malus and includes measures on the water energy, wind energy and disappearance of energy consumption.The Constitutional Council had been seized on three series of measures. Its verdict? The measures of simplification of procedures for wind energy were considered corresponding to the constitution. As reminder, it is a question of deleting the development areas of wind energy (ZDE). These “turned out to be a powerful brake, mainly due to deadlines and cancellations of prefectural orders. ZDEs had no reasons to be with the institution in 2010 of the wind regional plans“, according to the professional association pf France wind energy (FEE). It is also a question to abolish the rule of five minimum masts by park. “These measures will allow the wind industry and its 10000 jobs to revive after two difficult years”, says the renewable energies syndicate (SER).

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