A professional approach

A right candidate is not always the right candidate. Why ? The Company which recruits by itself favors…

5 steps to follow

  • A strong and lasting partnership
    There’s no doubt about it, working together and keeping up a simple day-to-day relationship based on exchange and proximity is a guarantee of success. Our customers particularly appreciate the quality of our advice and our close collaboration.
  • Immersion – 360° view of the position
    This is a fundamental step. Upstream of any mission, we conduct a thorough analysis of the job environment – a kind of 360° view – for increased legitimacy and credibility in the selection and evaluation of candidates. Time invested upstream will be rewarded downstream because you will be presented with the most interesting and interested candidates.
  • Evaluations
    ELATOS uses several different appraisal methods when selecting candidates. These include a French spelling test, which allows the candidate to identify his strengths and weaknesses, a personality test to confirm the candidate’s suitability with his future company and finally, our own skills assessment method using a relevant and proven tool. With your input we create a list of competences required for the the position before confirming the candidate’s suitability. This helps to identify the skills that the candidate has and those that require some support.
    Delegating is good but keeping an eye on your project is better! We provide a personalized link to give you access to a selection of candidates as well as the consultant’s comments. This allows you to track the progress of your recruitment in real time! You also have the opportunity to post comments on this page.
  • Integration
    At the end of the recruiting process, we continue to keep in touch to ensure your new employee is successfully integrated. In order to do this it is essential to reassure and give the new employee confidence  so that in turn he will maximize his potential to carry out his mission.