A professional approach

A right candidate is not always the right candidate. Why ? The Company which recruits by itself favors…

What are the benefits of immersion

Before any mission we perform a thorough analysis of the job environment to increase efficiency in the selection and evaluation of candidates

Immersion affords you:

  • More details on the position and the candidate sought
    Thanks to all the information collected during the immersion phase, we are able to propose to you a position summary and an advertisement showing the position in the most accessible way.
  • The most interesting and interested candidates
    These elements also allow us to select and present candidates more in line with the criteria and requirements of the position. These candidates will be more motivated and interested in the position.
  • Save time later in the process
    For the reasons mentioned above, the time invested in immersion ahead of the search turns into a real time and money saver for the rest of the process. Indeed, the job profile is clearly defined along with the context, we gain effectiveness and efficiency in the selection and evaluation of candidates. You will encounter more targeted and therefore more motivated candidates for the position.