A professional approach

A right candidate is not always the right candidate. Why ? The Company which recruits by itself favors…

Best way to use sourcing

The wide range of sourcing methods appears to be an opportunity.
In fact, it complicates the company’s choice. Why ?
  • Choosing from more than 350 “job boards”, some of which are more well known than others, and withvarying costs, has become a seemingly impossible task.
  • Targeting and attracting the right candidates requires expert knowledge.
  • It is difficult to express the company’s full value through online advertisements.
  • Determining the added value of the various media, in relation to their cost and their specialties, is a real challenge.
  • Too many companies waste time by attempting to use multiple resources.
  • Identifying, attracting and following up contacts initiated via social networks requires familiarity and knowledge of communication practices.

What advantages are there to going through a recruitment company ?