A professional approach

A right candidate is not always the right candidate. Why ? The Company which recruits by itself favors…

Recruitment 2.0

Your recruitment was a failure? It’s time to think recruitment 2.0

With the emergence of the “Generation Y”, the term 2.0 is everywhere. You were thinking of using traditional recruitment methods? Think outside the box, ELATOS shows you recruitment 2.0 !

New technologies can be difficult to master, but with ELATOS your transition to the 2.0 way will be smooth.

Sourcing via social media

Social networks have become the first activity on the net with 77% of French people using 2 social networks every day*. The two major professional networking sites are Viadeo and LinkedIn. So when looking for the right profile it is vital to use social media .

What is the best way to use social media?

These new methods require some skill and a lot of time to sort out fact from fiction. Via its media pack, ELATOS facilitates the research process thanks to our Research Officer who specializes in identifying experienced candidates.

What can be gained by using recruitment 2.0?

In addition to the applications we receive through published ads and our database research, recruitment 2.0 enables us to introduce you to candidates who are more interesting and interested, in a timely manner.