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A right candidate is not always the right candidate. Why ? The Company which recruits by itself favors…

What can a recruitment consultancy do for you?

Recruitment and its various stages are not an exact science and it’s difficult and sometimes precarious for a company to choose who to recruit.

Many recruitments are failures because the candidate doesn’t stay in the company. These departures come mainly from a mismatch between the expectations of the candidate and those of the company.

  • The goal is to have unlimited choice and not the choice of limits… A wider range allows you to compare more profiles and optimize your return on investment
  • The best candidate isn’t the right one if his motivations do not correspond with what the company and the job can bring him or her
  •  Recruiting similar profiles can really curb the innovation and development of corporate activity
  • At first, a successful recruitment is the search of a goal. Will the candidate lead the company towards this objective?

The daily work of a recruitment consultancy is to accompany you at each key stage of the process, to limit the risk of failure and to support you in decision-making phases.

The key is not to identify the “right candidate” but the interesting and motivated candidate who will meet your expectations and fit in the long term.

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