Getting it right from the start

You want to save time and reduce recruitment costs ? It is possible ! Nobody…

5 mistakes you should avoid

Our mission is to guide you throughout the recruitment process, and to give you the benefit of our expert advice in order to avoid making the wrong choice. Read on to discover the 5 mistakes not to make :

  1. Lack of methodology
    Recruitment must be prepared in advance. If you decide to use a recruitment consultancy, make this an opportunity to let them guide you! Do not wait until the last moment to worry about recruiting. It is a fundamental step for the company and should be taken seriously. In addition, keeping to deadlines is important so to save time make your request as precise as possible.
  2. Use several recruitment agencies
    You should not use several agencies for the same mission, you will just receive the same resumes and it will waste time. Take the time to learn about the firm’s methods and procedures and then see if it is properly attuned to the needs of your business. Making the wrong choice can be fatal. It is always better to focus on quality than quantity.
  3. Make cost your first consideration
    Maybe you think that finding the right candidate does not have a price? You’re wrong, the ideal candidate is worth his weight in gold and consultants are there to find them. On the other hand, and contrary to popular belief, it is no more expensive to make use of a recruitment agency than to handle the recruitment yourself. Outsourcing your recruitment is an investment, but it will cost 30 % less than hiring in-house.
  4. Ask for the moon
    There’s no point in asking for the impossible, your goal is to find the candidate who matches your expectations and your needs. Our mission is to introduce you to candidates who are interested and, above all, interesting! This is why we attach great importance to immersion within the company, which helps us to propose good candidates later on. A good candidate is not always the right candidate. (Read more…)
  5. Ignore the evaluation
    If you have used the services of a recruitment agency, it is primarily to get the benefit of their expertise. Do not denigrate their working methods and the advice they give you. Consultants take the time to give you an opinion on candidates to help you to see beyond a simple resume. You must take the time to get it right from the start.