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7 essential tips for a successfull integration

This may seem obvious but successful recruitment requires above all a successful integration!

To  have an unsuccessful integration and see an employee leave the company can be very expensive. You will find below 7 essential tips to help you clearly define an integration plan for your future employees.

However consider that successful integration is above all a matter of behaviour.

It is primarily about giving reassurance and confidence to new employees, which will in turn maximise their potential to carry out their work.

  1. Prepare a physical reception
    A functioning workstation: This is essential and above all a sign of respect for and interest in the new employee. Planning a welcome booklet for the attention of new staff, it ensures that new employees have a comprehensive and consistent information guide.
    Advertise their arrival both internally and externally
    Inform the team which the person will be joined by introducing their work as well as presenting the integration process so that everyone makes a contribution.
    Tell the whole company about the arrival of the new employee stating their position, role, anticipated goals and contributions without mentioning them being “under” or “above” somebody. Value the person and the role.  Inform your customers, suppliers and external partners – above all, it’s a good opportunity to reconnect with them.
  2. Customise their welcome and big day informally
    Grab a coffee, invite them to lunch, plan a round-up of different services, offices for them to make their mark.
  3. Quickly involve the employee in operational tasks
    Especially in your meetings! This will allow them to “test the waters” of the company and begin to decipher the office etiquette.
  4. Involve the team by appointing a mentor
    Identify a contact who will take the role of a facilitator. They can answer in real time to the questions of why, how, when… And informally convey the company’s values, rites, goals, history and corporate culture.
  5. Design and write a formal integration plan in advance
    This written report will allow the employee to effectively follow the stages of integration from arrival and it will be helpful in their decision-making at the end of the trial period.
  6. Plan for debriefs during the trial period to give them a clear picture of the road ahead
    Having the meetings more as an informal chat will help to provide a mutual point of information, advice, reassurance, evaluation, adjustment, etc. The feedback given will reassure and stimulate the autonomy and the initiative of the new employee. It strengthens technical and social integration. The relationship with the manager contributes largely to the motivation of the new employee to stay in the position and perform well.
  7. Finally, always stay available…and SHOW IT!
    Do not hesitate to go to the new employee and let them know that your door is always open. This will put them at ease and most importantly show them that you are available as well!

These 7 points are essential but remember that successful integration is primarily all down to attitude.

ELATOS supports you throughout this crucial phase through regular monitoring during the trial period from having contact with both the employee and line manager one month and three months after integration.