High-quality recruitment service

HOW TO SUCCEED 9 OUT 10 RECRUITMENTS   You have probably already seen this situation…

5 tips for recruitment

Our mission is to recruit the right person who meets your expectations for a well-defined position.

Do you want to delegate your needs to a recruitment firm without having to worry? The relationship with your chosen service provider should be a partnership, based on trust and transparency.

  • Identify the firm who understands not only your recruitment needs and expectations but also your environment, your business and your culture.
  • You can rely on the methods they use. A firm that writes accurate specifications, interviews candidates before introducing them to you and keeps you informed throughout the recruitment process, can be seen to provide an assurance of quality.
  • Question about the firm and its consultants, they must provide certain guarantees, demonstrating their skills and knowledge.
  • You can also ask about the guarantees offered by the firm when the person recruited does not match the position or the company.
  • Once the firm is selected, the mission should be given to them on an exclusive basis. This will enable them to identify suitable profiles, particularly in the case of complex missions for very specific positions. On the contrary, using the services of several service providers could harm your credibility as an employer if the same candidate is contacted by different recruitment firms.

From the company’s side