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Recruitment during summer

Economic activity does not stop during the summer. In fact, when you recruit in August you increase your chances of finding the right candidate. Put your preconceived ideas to one side and discover our tips!

  • Better quality Recruiters receive fewer applications but those who do apply are usually more motivated. This improvement in terms of quality can save you some time later on. During the summer natural selection operates!
  • Increased productivityDo you want to recruit quickly and well? Summer is the perfect time and Elatos puts its expertise at your disposal for your recruitment projects in France and overseas. With a choice of better motivated candidates, you are more likely to handle your recruitment well and subsequently successfully integrating the candidate into your company.
  • Greater visibilityWith fewer offers on job boards, it’s the right moment for your company to benefit from increased visibility when you post an ad. A candidate is sometimes hesitant when faced with dozens of similar offers. In the summer, it is easier for your ad to stand out from all the others.
  • Fewer time constraintsAs candidates are sometimes on holiday, they have fewer obligations regarding their schedules. If you want to recruit in September, it is better to start looking in the summer!
  • More availabilityThe atmosphere in the summer makes relations more relaxed. Elatos offers you close collaboration, your guarantee of trust and transparency throughout the year.