EDF – CAP 2030

On September the 22nd, Les Echos was interviewing the CEO of EDF, Mr Jean-Bernard Lévy shortly before the presentation of the new strategic plan called CAP 2030. A plan combining international expansion and development of production capacity in Europe.

If the plan still counts on nuclear energy (new implementations and new design of EPR) for the long term development, it also relies on an international expansion. As Mr. Levy said “We want to be present in a meaningful way in three to five non-European countries, in the solar and wind power segment”. China will probably be one of those countries.

But the main point of this plan is to double the renewables energies production capacity in Europe for 2030. “We already are the first producer of renewables energies in Europe and we want to speed things up in this area. Our objective is to double our European and French production for 2030, that is to say going from 28 GW to more than 50 GW” said Mr. Levy during his interview. This announcement is a little revolution in this big company where the nuclear culture is still predominant.

Note that the choice of the horizon 2030 is no hazard. It’s the deadline given by the European Commission for the greenhouse gas emissions reduction for at least 40% from 1990.

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