Our commitments

At ELATOS we make sure that every day our actions reflect our values.

We develop a partnership of proximity and trust with our clients and candidates and we are committed to placing human, social and environmental issues at the centre of our concerns.

ELATOS équité et respect
engagement équité respect

Fairness and Respect

During recruitment meetings, whether face-to-face or remote, transparency and quality of dialogue are paramount. We are committed to fighting against all forms of discrimination. Candidates have access to the same information about the positions to be filled, and their skills and qualifications are evaluated objectively and professionally.

ELATOS respect de l'envrionnement
engagement écologique

Respect for the environment

ELATOS is committed to sustainable development and acts to reduce its environmental impact.

ELATOS solidarité
engagement solidaire


Because people are at the heart of our business and children are our future, we have supported Unicef‘s actions as a corporate friend since 2016.

ELATOS représentation des femmes
engagement feminin

Representation of women

Elatos participates in the representation of women in the energy, environment and digital sectors. In this context, Elatos has been involved for several years in initiatives that highlight the place of women in these sectors, such as the Palmarès des Femmes de la Transition Énergétique.

ELATOS collectif
Renewables Energies World Race


ELATOS participates as a partner since its first edition in 2016 in the Renewable Energies World Race. This sporting event fits perfectly into the identity of ELATOS by promoting the collective, a soft mobility as well as the development of renewable energies. 

We find in renewable energies all the components that make cycling races so popular: namely wind, sun and rain, wind power, photovoltaic and hydraulic.


Professional commitments that make all the difference to the success of your recruitments.

01 ELATOS commits to practice its profession in the respect of privacy and not to practice any of the following discrimination criteria: age, gender, origin, family situation, sexual orientation, race, physical appearance, health status, patronymic, religious belief, morals, genetic characteristics, real or supposed membership to an ethnic group or nation, handicap, pregnancy, political opinions or union activities.

02 ELATOS practices an approach subject to the obligation of means; the firm commits to implement all the means agreed upon to lead to the success of the mission.

03 ELATOS only accepts assignments that the firm considers, in good conscience, to be in line with its skills and abilities.

04 ELATOS respects the confidentiality of the candidates’ and the company’s information and will not use the information in its possession for any purpose other than the success of the recruitment assignment.

05 ELATOS will not pass on a candidate’s CV or any other document to a third party without the candidate’s consent.

06 ELATOS does not receive or accept any remuneration from declared or potential candidates.

07 ELATOS is committed to managing and developing relationships with its clients in the same way as it manages and develops relationships with candidates; in terms of quality, trust, clarity of process and confidentiality.

08 ELATOS is committed to evaluating a candidate solely on the basis of his or her skills and behaviours in relation to the position to be filled.

09 ELATOS commits itself to provide the candidate with feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of his or her candidacy with regard to the position to be filled, at the end of the first interview with the consultant.

10 ELATOS commits to regularly inform the company and the candidates about the progress of the mission.

11 ELATOS uses validated and mastered evaluation techniques that guarantee seriousness, efficiency and objectivity. Individual interviews are privileged as an evaluation tool.

12 ELATOS is in a constant process of improving its techniques and the skills of its employees.

13 ELATOS is committed to supporting the company and the recruited candidate during the trial and integration period.


France Energie Eolienne

France Energie Eolienne (FEE)

Renewable wind energy, competitive and job creator.

French Renewable Energy Trade Association (SER)

Professional organization that brings together all the renewable energy industries

AuRA Digitale Solaire partenaire Elatos

AuRA Digitale Solaire

The union of solar entrepreneurs and digital energy solutions in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region

Association technique énergie et environnement partenaire Elatos


Technical association for energy and environment

Le Journal des Energies Renouvelables partenaire Elatos

The Journal of Renewable Energies

Referenced by Observ’er for “Le Journal de l’Eolien”, “Le Journal du Photovoltaïque

WindLab partenaire Elatos


The space dedicated to wind energy in Picardie


French nuclear energy industrial grouping


Emploi environnement partenaire Elatos


Leading site for job search and career development in the environmental sectors.

Experteer partenaire Elatos


Website specialised in the recruitment of executives, experts and managers.

GreenUnivers partenaire Elatos


Leading media for professionals in the energy transition in France.


France’s leading digital player in employment, recruitment and training

Linkedin partenaire Elatos


First worldwide professional social network.


France’s leading job matching website


Technical association for energy and environment


Association pour l’Emploi des Cadres, accompanies and advises executives throughout their professional career to anticipate and prepare their evolution.


A search engine that enables individuals to find and apply for suitable jobs from numerous countries around the world.

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