Code of ethics

Professional commitments that make all the difference for successful recruitment.

  1. ELATOS is committed to carrying out its profession with respect for the private life of candidates and uses none of the following discrimination criteria; age, gender, origin, family situation, sexual orientation, race, physical appearance, health, surname, creed, customs, genetic characteristics, membership either real or supposed of an ethnic group or nation, handicap, pregnancy, political opinions or trade-union activities.
  2. ELATOS is committed to a best effort approach and the agency undertakes to use all suitable means for the success of the mission.
  3. ELATOS only accepts missions that it considers in all conscience to match its skills and capacities.
  4. ELATOS treats all information concerning candidates and the company as confidential and will not use the elements in its possession for purposes other than the success of the recruitment mission.
  5. ELATOS refrains from transmitting a candidate’s CV or any other document to a third party without the candidate’s agreement.
  6. ELATOS does not receive or accept any form of payment from declared or potential candidates.
  7. ELATOS undertakes to manage and develop relationships with clients in the same way as those with candidates in terms of quality, trust, transparency and confidentiality.
  8. ELATOS agrees to assess a candidate on the sole basis of his skills and behavior in relation to the vacant position.
  9. ELATOS agrees to provide the candidate with feedback at the end of the first interview, concerning the strengths and weaknesses of his application in relation to the position’s expected profile.
  10. ELATOS undertakes to keep the company and candidates updated about the progress of the mission on a regular basis.
  11. ELATOS uses approved and controlled techniques to evaluate candidates, thereby guaranteeing seriousness, efficiency and objectivity. Individual interviews are the preferred means of assessment.
  12. ELATOS strives to continually improve the techniques and expertise used by its consultants and, more generally, by its associates.
  13. ELATOS undertakes to keep in close contact with the company and the chosen candidate during the trial and integration period.