How to Impress a Manager During an Interview

If you have an interview scheduled, you’ve almost made it to the job offer. Your resume stood out beyond the tens or even hundreds of resumes submitted. You’ve probably had a phone interview or conversation with a human resources person that you’ve also passed. Now, you need to prepare yourself to perform well at your interview and impress the manager with whom you’re meeting. The best way to impress your interviewer is to be professional and to be confident in your qualifications. Be prepared to answer any question he may ask with solid answers that demonstrate your skills and abilities.


  • Professional

According to a study by Frank Bernieri, a psychology professor at the University of Toledo, your interviewer will decide within the first 30 seconds whether you’re right for the job. And, the first thing your interviewer will notice is your appearance, so dress professionally. Your speech habits and patterns will also be important. Take a video of yourself answering interview questions. You might notice things about your speech or body language that you never realized. This is your opportunity to practice avoiding stumbles or distracting body movements you might have. Watching a video of yourself talking might be uncomfortable, but it’s an effective way to improve your speaking abilities.


  • Previous Work Examples

Bring examples of previous work to discuss during the interview. It’s easier to evaluate your work by seeing what you’ve done rather than hearing about it. If you work in marketing, you can bring marketing literature that you’ve worked on. If you work in engineering, bring products you developed or pictures of your work. But, do not take anything proprietary from your previous employer, since this can create legal issues for you.


  • Company Knowledge

Research the company prior to attending your interview so you know the basics about the company’s products or services. Go through the company’s website and read as much as you can about the business. Try finding news coverage or press releases to learn about its recent activities. Your knowledge about the company will show the interviewer that you made an effort to learn about the company. The interviewer will really be impressed if you can speak knowledgeably about the business.


  • Ask Questions

Asking questions is important, because it shows interest and engagement. Prepare a list of questions about the company’s products or services. You can also ask about the company’s culture or what it’s like to work for the company. You should avoid asking about pay or benefits — not during this interview. The main goal is to stay engaged in your conversation with the interviewer. The questions you ask will provide a basis for additional discussion beyond the interviewer’s questions for you. Impressing the interviewer with your knowledge and interest in the position will improve your chances at getting a call back.


Originally published on Career Trend

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