The 10 most important advantages sought by job applicants in 2023

How do you attract the best talent?

In 2023, candidates are often looking for benefits and working conditions that go beyond the basic salary. To attract the best talent, companies need to offer a competitive benefits package. Here are the top 10 benefits candidates will be looking for in 2023 :

1) Competitive remuneration

Competitive remuneration is a given. Make sure the salaries you offer are in line with the market and the candidate’s experience. For more information on salaries, take a look at the 2023 edition of the benchmark for salaries in the renewable energies sector, produced by our consultancy in partnership with GreenUnivers.

2) Flexibility at work

Flexibility has become an essential advantage for many candidates. Options such as teleworking, flexible working hours and the ability to reconcile professional and personal life are highly prized.

3) Professional development

Candidates are looking for opportunities to learn and develop. Offer ongoing training programmes, career development plans and mentorships to show your commitment to your employees’ professional growth.

4) Comprehensive benefits

Benefits, such as health insurance, paid leave and pension plans, are crucial to attracting candidates. Offer comprehensive benefits and make sure candidates understand their value.

5) A solid corporate culture

Company culture has become a major decision-making factor for candidates. Show your company culture in a transparent way and make sure it matches candidates’ values and objectives.

6) Work-life balance

The ability to maintain a work-life balance is a valuable asset. Encourage reasonable working hours and support when needed, such as parental leave.

7) Stimulating work environment

Candidates are looking for working environments that encourage creativity, innovation and collaboration. Highlight your work culture and exciting projects.

8) Recognition and rewards

Recognition for work done is essential to maintain motivation. Set up recognition systems, bonuses and rewards for outstanding performance.

9) Opportunities for progression

Candidates look for jobs that offer opportunities for professional advancement. Develop clear career plans and support employees in their progression.

10) Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are increasingly important to candidates. Show your commitment to these values by putting in place policies and practices that foster an inclusive environment.

To attract the best talent, make sure you communicate these benefits in your job advertisements, on your website and on the company’s social networks. In addition, make sure you offer a transparent and efficient recruitment process. Understanding candidates’ priorities is the first step towards building an exceptional and competent team.

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