Cover emails: 5 top tips to make sure your application is read

The cover emails is the showcase of your application. A […]

The cover emails is the showcase of your application. A first presentation that is crucial for the rest of the recruitment process. Even before reading your CV and cover letter, the recruiter has already formed a first opinion of you and your motivations. Here are our tips for a powerful cover letter to capture the recruiter’s attention.

1. Be brief

Ideally, the email should be memorable and show the company very quickly that you are not applying by chance, that your application is well-personalised. The turn of phrase must be striking, the content clearly constructed and your added value well highlighted. The email should be 10 to 15 lines long at most.

2. Use key words

Don’t hesitate to use some of “strong” terms present in the job offer. Soak up the company’s culture by consulting its website(s). Use their language (each company has its own way of naming things). Highlight the aspects of your profile that correspond to their values.

3. Emphasise the implied skills

According to the job advertisement, you have all the assets to get the job. But so do other candidates. To hold the recruiter’s attention in the email, the goal is to go further than just the skills explicitly requested. You must identify the recruiter’s needs and, if possible, provide “something extra”. For example, if the offer specifies that the type of assignment to be taken on often varies, demonstrate by example your ability to adapt and manage change.

4. Talk about results

Highlighting one or two key successes recently achieved will be an argument appreciated by the recruiter. Of course, it is important to prove your arguments, by quantifying your results or by illustrating how you achieved them.

5. An interactive signature

If you have a profile on LinkedIn or a professional blog, don’t hesitate to include these links in your signature. The recruiter will only have to click on them to access them and get to know you better. Don’t forget to include your contact information again. If your application catches the recruiter’s attention, he or she will be able to call you directly without having to look for the information.

By carefully preparing your cover email, you will show yourself to be a motivated candidate and will attract attention to your application. This way, you will have the best chance of getting an interview!

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