Top 10 things NOT to put in your CV

There can be no denying the fact that we live […]

There can be no denying the fact that we live in an increasingly tough world nowadays. Increasing populations across the world and rising rates of unemployment mean that more and more people are applying for the same types of jobs you are interested in. This means it is truly imperative for you to take the matter of your CV as seriously as possible. There are certain things that should not show up on a CV in order for it to be an effective reference piece, as opposed to a document that has the employer run in the other direction from you. The following are 10 things you should never include on your CV:

  1. An objective that makes no sense or is completely insane:
    A crazed objective will have the employer not take you seriously and in the end have your CV lying in the comfort of a rubbish bin.
  2. Irrelevant job experience:
    Having times of the past that you truly enjoyed is a nice memory to cherish.
    If it has nothing to do with the job you are applying for, it’s best to leave it out and focus on the jobs that have direct experience with your current interest for work.
  3. Achievements that are not exactly achievements:
    Because you were the Secondary School Team Captain is not an achievement relevant to the job you are applying for! Professional achievements or even community service are notable achievements.
  4. A physical description:
    A description about what you look like or even images of yourself should never be included on a CV. It isn’t professional and will be viewed as a mockery if it includes this information.
  5. Proper hobby listing:
    If you have hobbies that will have you viewed in a strange light, they might be better kept to yourself. Common hobbies of reading or writing, even working out are acceptable choices. Hobby lists should be kept short and precise.
  6. Private information:
    Whether it is your religious belief or your sexual orientation these are things that are irrelevant on a CV and are best kept to yourself. There is no reason to put this information in the open for observation.
  7. Bad grammar:
    Bad grammar immediately shows carelessness and laziness. The last thing you want a potential employer to feel you are will be verified immediately once a mistake like this is found.
  8. Contact information that will raise flags:
    If you have an inappropriate email address then simply don’t use it. Or if it is essential to have this information included, create a new one via the use of Google to have an appropriate one on hand. An inappropriate email will only bring you attention and not the kind that will contribute to a path of success.
  9. Social Security Number/National Insurance Number:
    While in the world of information this is the biggest factor that can lead to endless scams, this is not the information that you supply on a CV ever. It could be left out or disregarded and if the wrong person should get this information then you could be in quite a bit of trouble. Have it on hand for the employer, don’t feel the need to hand it out initially.
  10. Colourful text and creative fonts:
    No employer wants to have a staring match with your CV to try and figure out what it says. Nor do they want to have a potential seizure due to the colourful daze you have compiled in your information. Keep it simple and normal and stick to the pure facts.
    So there you have it. There is a general guide of what no to do when you are truly pursuing a job. It is all for the most part common sense, but sometimes common sense can be overlooked.

The first impression you set for your potential employer is what will get you in the door, the CV will get you inside to make an impression, and from there it is entirely in your hands to make it happen.

Don’t feel intimidated, the world is a place of vast personality and profession, go for a job that suits you, and make the impression that is needed to make it happen.


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