Top 7 sites to consult before an interview

There is no chance of succeeding in a job interview […]

There is no chance of succeeding in a job interview without being informed about the company that is recruiting. To be prepared before an interview, here are the top 7 websites you should consult. This research will help you to have a fluid dialogue with the recruiter, to ask the right questions and to show your motivation.

When you go to a job interview, it is essential to know a minimum of information about the place where you are applying. Consulting the company’s official website remains the basis. Look for the latest news about the company; buyouts, acquisitions, mergers, balance sheets, sales, product/service launches, etc., in order to have official information and to know the company’s strategy regarding the image it wants to convey.

If you do not do this research, the recruiter will inevitably notice and interpret it as a lack of motivation.

It is important to know what you are getting into. To put the official information into perspective, you can consult business news sites or enter the company’s name in the Google news feed. This approach will allow you to be aware of certain subjects that can enlighten and even feed the interview.

To be a good candidate, you need to know the entire sector, the players and their market positions. The more you know about the subject, the more the recruiter will be interested in you. So don’t hesitate to do a small study of the market before the interview to have all the data in hand. Who are the company’s direct competitors? Who are the partners?

The company’s social networks should also be examined: this is an opportunity to see if the company highlights certain themes or news that can be mentioned without risk in an interview.

A recruiter will see your LinkedIn profile, so you absolutely must do the same. From a practical point of view, it’s good to see his photo to recognize him on the day of the interview. And it’s also interesting to see his background to possibly personalize the interview, slip in an anecdote and create a link. But of course, for this to be possible, you must have taken note of the name of the person who will be interviewing you when you called the company.

You can extend your search to the team you will be working with, if possible of course and if you know their names. This will allow you to have a small overview of the various profiles employed by the company.

Finally, there is one last precaution: search for your own name on search engines and refresh, if necessary, your profile on professional social networks. Don’t forget that the recruiter also consults some sites. You must therefore have an impeccable profile before approaching your appointment.

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