Profile shortage: 4 strategies to cope with it

You are experiencing recruitment difficulties and you have identified that […]

You are experiencing recruitment difficulties and you have identified that they are linked to a shortage of qualified and/or experienced candidates in your sector of activity. How can you solve this type of difficulty? As a recruitment agency, we have thought about the strategies to put in place to face this type of obstacle. Discover our advice:

Search for key competencies

Today, the real challenge in recruiting is to place less emphasis on work experience and educational credentials than on the skills themselves. The majority of companies continue to recruit solely on the basis of years of experience or education, believing (logically) that these two factors are closely related to one’s intrinsic skills. However, this is not a hard and fast rule, and more and more companies have already realized that the skills and personalities of candidates should be at the center of recruitment.

How to identify key competencies

  1. Identify. Determine the skills needed for a position. Define four, five core competencies. It is important to put a name to each one.
  2. Evaluate. Resumes and cover letters are not the only techniques for assessing skills. See below: personality tests, practical exercises, etc.

Identify bridge sectors

One of the best ways to overcome a shortage is to bypass it or expand your horizons. The notion of bridge sectors is associated with skills that can be found in one sector and that can be used in a new environment, another job. These can be technical skills linked to the person’s expertise in his or her job or cross-functional skills such as management, communication, etc.

The idea is therefore to think “Out of the box”. Dare to take on different profiles, atypical profiles, even those who are outside your field, and especially those who are jacks-of-all-trades, who learn quickly.

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Anticipate the need

Traditional recruitment is the product of a reaction. A reaction to a need. An employee resigns? A position is created. So you have to recruit! And in general, you have to recruit in a hurry. Candidates are rare, you don’t want to miss them and make the wrong choice. The result: an impression of a talent shortage!

The solution is to anticipate the need as much as possible. In this situation, a recruitment agency can help you with its expertise to qualify the right candidate. Whether by direct approach (headhunting), by sourcing, by databases, or by advertisements, the means best adapted to your situation can be used. The objective is to know how to attract candidates and show the attractiveness of the position.

Focus on training

Il It is sometimes more difficult than expected to find an employee with the right skills and interested in a new job opportunity. So, instead of looking for the five-legged sheep, why not train a motivated professional? By offering a training program to a new hire, you can help them develop the specific skills you need. And it’s a great way to build commitment early in the collaboration.

Now you’re ready to tackle the challenges of recruitment and create successful collaborations with talented professionals!

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